Southeast Chicago Public Art Tour

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The Chicago community of South Chicago, founded in 1836, has a rich arts tradition, much of which existed like an underground resistance stockpile during the community's century and a half of heavy industrial dominance.    Since the closing of the last operating steel mill in 1992, the artists and their art have begun emerging onto the recently vacated stage of public awareness.  

One great bonus for the community has been the gradual proliferation of public art, which is now spreading throughout the community, in a soul-refreshing burst of artistic expression, available for all who frequent the community's pathways to enjoy.  

This tour highlights community public art treasures, as well as the fact of the community's resource bank of authors, composers, painters, performers, and sculptors.


We have chosen a digital graphic item, known as a QR tag, to make the tour a self-guided experience.  All that is required is for the visitor to have a smart device (phone, or tablet), with a QR-tag-reading app installed on it.

We have designed weather-resistant posters for mounting at sites where it is possible to make such an installation.  Each poster contains the name of its site, a comment or two about the site, and a QR tag that will link the site visitor to that site’s data page on the Calumet Region Sites website.  To the extent that we have such information, the site’s page will include a selection on its history, as well as photos and/or videos related to that site.  

It will also be possible, from that connection, to identify the other sites of the tour and (a), plot a land route to the next site or (b), visit them all via one’s smart phone or tablet, without taking the physical tour.

Thus, the Southeast Chicago Public Art Tour is available as a self-initiated, and self-guided experience, to be taken whenever — and however — one pleases.

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