1 -- 79th Street & Exchange Avenue "Drive-By Art" Wall


(Photo by Kevin P. Murphy)

The Drive-By Art Project started as a way to beautify boarded-up doors and windows of abandoned Chicago buildings, utilizing positive symbols, which are created and mounted over spaces that would otherwise present a dreary, if not depressing, architectural appearance.  

Cocomocha co-founders, Derric Clemmons and Luz Castillo, working alongside several artist friends, created this installation at 79th Street and Exchange Avenue, in Chicago.  The building, itself, was featured in the motion picture, "Road to Perdition."





(For more examples of Cocomocha's Drive-By Art, see South Chicago Public Art Sites 4, 6, 11, 15, and 23, in this tour presentation.)

(Coincidentally, the “Barbershop" series of movies were centered on the 79th and Exchange intersection.)

© Kevin Murphy & Joann Podkul Murphy 2016