3. Claretian Housing

Claretian’s Buffalo Bunch: Affordable Green Housing, 89th to 91st Streets, on Buffalo Avenue

While additional examples of Claretian-built affordable green housing may be found in South Chicago, this stretch along Buffalo captures three phases:

Phase 1: energy-effiicient design built on one city lot with energy saving fixtures and Energy Star appliances.

Phase 2: Phase 1 features with family sized space.

Phase 3: Phase 2 features with a solar panel option.

Energy-efficient design includes SIPS (structural insulated panels), use of recycled materials inside, including carpeting made from recycled ketchup bottles.

Across the country, faith-based organizations like Caretian Associates are stepping forward as stewards of the Earth.  Religious groups of all persuasions are finding ways to respect and nurture the Earth’s resources, not only for this generation, but also for those to come.

(Photos by Kevin P. Murphy)

© Kevin Murphy & Joann Podkul Murphy 2016