26. Clara D. Schafer Park

Clara D. Schafer Park, 89th - 90th S. Mackinaw Avenue

Formerly the proposed “20 Acre Park” on the threshold of the USX South Works property, this park is named for a founder of South Chicago Hospital (now Advocate Trinity Hospital).  The northern half is recreational, and the southern half was dedicated to development by “I Grow Chicago,” as a national model for a learning and working garden, with an orchard and vegetable plots for use by neighborhood residents.  

As of this time (October 26, 2016), very little of that development has been achieved, no doubt another example of economic downturns, but some preliminary work is underway, so the hope still exists that the project will fulfill its promise.

The following video illustrates some of the effects that influence the progress — or lack thereof — of projects such as these. This site’s chronicle begins at about 23 minutes into the video, but what precedes that is instructive.


(Photo by Kevin P. Murphy)

© Kevin Murphy & Joann Podkul Murphy 2016