25. Solar Verde Estates

Solar Verde Estates, 96th Street and Marquette Avenue

Solar Verde Estates was an environmentally efficient housing development enterprise that promised to bring affordable zero-energy homes to the Vets Park section of the Southeast Side.  The plan was to build an initial offering of 20 such homes, but economics halted the enterprise with only two being built, circa 2008.  If the first decade of the 21st Century has taught nothing else, it is that green fervor has far outpaced green investment.

These two models of Zero Energy homes were built for energy efficiency — little or no gas and electric bills.  Solar shingles on the roof would generate electricity for heating, cooling, and appliances.   The owner would earn credit from the electric company for excess power produced.  Tax credits and rebates would be available, along with an Energy Efficient mortgage.  The site had been planned for a total of twenty units.

(Photo by Kevin P. Murphy)

(Photo of graphic from Solar Verde Estates Announcements)

(Photo by Kevin P. Murphy)

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