19. Harry B. Deas 4th District Police Station

Harry B. Deas 4th District Police Station, 2255 East 103rd Street

This building has been retrofitted with solar thermal panels on the roof to heat water used at the station.  The sun heats liquid in the coils, which is then circulated to faucets in the building.

The 4th District Police Station is dedicated to the memory of Harry B. Deas, “The second black officer to achieve the rank of captain for his 35 years of outstanding police service."  He was the first to integrate patrol cars.  He began as a rookie in 1915, and ended as a commander in 1950.

4th District Police Station Solar Thermal Panels:

(Photos by Kevin P. Murphy & Joann  Podkul Murphy)


© Kevin Murphy & Joann Podkul Murphy 2016