10. Chicago VeloDrome Campus

Chicago VeloDrome Campus, 87th Street and Buffalo Avenue

The Chicago VeloDrome Campus was a temporary site for cyclists training for races and events, including the Olympics.  VeloDrome developers envisioned it as the predecessor to a permanent site on the U.S.X. property at 81st Street, in a facility as large as Chicago's United Center, with green energy features, such as geothermal heating and solar power.

After several years of use, the VeloDrome failed to develop a permanent location, when the economy doomed all existing development plans for the U.S.X. site, in 2016.   Planning is now in process for the U.S.X. site, but the VeloDrome appears to be a lost component.

This parking lot space was formerly the front yard of the 567 acre U. S. Steel Corporation South Works Plant. 

(Photo by Kevin P. Murphy)

© Kevin Murphy & Joann Podkul Murphy 2016